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Locutus of Borg:

Locutus Designation given by the Borg to Jean-Luc Picard while he was assimilated in late 2366 through early 2367.

The name was unusual, given that most Borg designations are numerical in nature, but Picard was a special case.

The Borg Queen wanted Picard to give himself freely to the Borg and be a counterpart to the Queen with a mind of his own, but he resisted and was forced into the Collective.

As a drone with the knowledge of Federation technology and strategies, Locutus led the incursion into Sector 001 which caused the destruction of 39 Starfleet ships at Wolf 359.

But when Locutus/Picard was re-abducted by his Enterprise-D crewmates, his link to the Collective provided an opportunity to defeat the invading Cube.
Reference: Best of Both Worlds, Part I

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Borg The Borg, a massive organization of cybernetic organisms assimilated from other species, is one of the most fearsome and unrelenting forces in the Milky Way galaxy, having spread their influence into all four quadrants and beyond, even into transdimensional realms.

The origins of the Borg are unknown, although they apparently originated in the Delta Quadrant. But equally mysterious are why and how they started their imperialistic mission of assimilation and their quest for "perfection." The Borg operate under a collective consciousness, whereby the thoughts of each drone are interconnected with all others in what is referred to as the "Hive Mind," eliminating any sense of individuality. In this regard the Borg Collective is much like an insect colony, with a "Queen" at the apex of the hierarchy.

In striving for their version of "perfection," the Borg assimilate civilizations whose technology they are interested in. When encountering a ship that catches their attention, the Borg usually will first sweep it with their sensors and then transport drones over to investigate the technology more closely.

If they deem the vessel and its occupants worthy of assimilation, they will typically introduce themselves by saying, "We are the Borg. Existence as you know it is over. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.

Resistance is futile." They will then acquire the vessel by force and assimilate the occupants by first injecting them with nanoprobes, then implanting cybernetic technology in their bodies. The assimilated individual loses all sense of identity — his body and mind are turned entirely over to the Borg and their purposes.

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